Anime Announced for “Risou no Himo Seikatsu”

June 4, 2024

The popular light novel series written by Tsunehiko Watanabe and illustrated by Jū Ayakura, “Risou no Himo Seikatsu” (“The Ideal Sponger Life”), has received exciting news recently, such as reaching a circulation of 4.9 million copies, which includes both physical and digital manga. But certainly, the news that most catches our attention today is that an anime adaptation for the franchise has been confirmed, which greatly excites the fan community of this story.

It was through the official sources on “X” (Twitter) that the confirmation that the light novel series “Risou no Himo Seikatsu” will receive its anime adaptation was spread. As expected, followers of the series expressed their opinions about this great news with comments such as: “Finally! I’m addicted to this series,” “Sounds great. I love this manga, I wonder which studio will animate it,” “I’ve been waiting, I hope it comes out a bit earlier,” “It’s too much to wait! I’m too happy,” “This is a work that deserves to be turned into an anime! I have to re-read it from episode 1! I want everyone to like this work!”

Despite the excitement of most, some did not hesitate to express concerns such as knowing which studio would be in charge of its animation, questioning whether it would be a good animation job. And regarding the latter, there were others who were uneasy about still not knowing which route would be chosen to lead the events of this story, perhaps a romantic comedy? About this, that group opined: “I want the animation to be developed carefully and unhurriedly. I wish they would stop trying to finish most of the previously published books in a single episode,” or, as mentioned before, “What path will they take to animate it? Is it a romantic comedy route? Is it a slow lifestyle? Hard to know yet.”

It’s clear that the fan community can get somewhat fussy when they receive this kind of news, to the point of wanting to make guesses and assumptions about everything, even now, when this project is just in its early stages. The only certain thing is that this is just an initial announcement, and we will have to wait some time to know its production details, or its voice casting, or the composition of its soundtrack. I think I speak for everyone when I say that our best option right now is simply to take a deep breath, and wait, right?

Risou no Himo Seikatsu” began being published online in June 2011, through a website specializing in light novel publishing, Shōsetsuka ni Narō. Later, in September 2012, it began to be published by the company Shufunotomo, where it is still being published, currently counting 15 volumes. In February 2017, a manga adaptation began to be published with illustrations by Neko Hinotsuki, in the magazine Young Ace. Currently, the manga has 19 volumes published in the Japanese market.


The story of “Risou no Himo Seikatsu” tells us about Zenjiro Yamai, an office worker who lives in present-day Japan, but who is suddenly summoned to another world. The one responsible for this is Queen Aura, since she wants Zenjiro to marry her, forgetting his previous life to have a leisurely and wealthy life as her husband and at the same time the Consort Prince. The condition, if he accepts this deal, is that he must give the Queen an heir, but apart from this, he can rest all day without having to worry about working as he previously did.

Upon accepting her offer, he discovers a world full of magic, as well as a very different culture, in which there are nobles who have many secrets and very ambitious plans. It is a completely different world, where words and gifts are not always what they seem, having hidden meanings.

An Isekai somewhat different from most, if one wants, with a large fan community already established, who, like us, can’t wait for this adaptation to reach our screens, which undoubtedly promises a lot. Now, how about you stop by the comments and leave us your opinion on this franchise? You know, we’ll be reading 😉

Images Source: Reddit, X (Twitter)