A Twin Romance Arriving in 2024

December 15, 2023

Okay, not everything in these news needs to be about fights, shootings, superpowers, and beings from other dimensions battling demons, right? Well, it’s not that we don’t enjoy all that – obviously, we do – but occasionally, we need a change of pace in terms of genres and news. Do you agree with us?

“Koi wa Futago de Warikirenai” will bring its anime adaptation in 2024

On the official website for the anime adaptation of the light novels written by Sihon Takamura and illustrated by Almic, “Koi wa Futago de Warikirenai” (Love Between Twins is Indivisible), its premiere is confirmed for the summer season of 2024 in Japan (July to September). This announcement was accompanied by a first promotional video, along with a glimpse of the voice cast.

Source: KADOKAWAanime Official YouTube Channel

The voice actors for the main characters are:

Shogo Sakata (Aki in Chainsaw Man) as Jun Shirosaki.

Moeha Nochimoto (Rea in Platinum End) as Rumi Shinguuji.

Maaya Uchida (Kaguya in Date A Live) as Naori Shinguuji.

According to the announcement, the company Infinite will handle production, while ROLL2 studios will take on the animation of this intriguing project. Unfortunately, there are still no details about the production team 🙁

In May 2021, Kadokawa began publishing the light novels, authored by Shihon Takamura and Almic. Then, in April 2022, a manga adaptation by Okari started serialization in the Comic Dengeki Daioh G magazine, also from the same publisher.

Can you imagine falling in love with two identical sisters?

We can’t be ‘childhood friends’ forever” – or can we? I mean, at some point, we have to grow up, right?

Koi wa Futago de Warikirenai” is a fun yet complex romantic comedy, oscillating between the fascination of experiencing first love and the thin (often blurred) line separating right from wrong, or what’s morally acceptable from what’s supposedly taboo.

Jun Shirosaki was only six years old when the Shinguuji family moved next door. As part of this family, Jun soon met the twins Rumi and Naori, his age mates. It wasn’t long before the parents of both families became friends, developing a camaraderie that would last a lifetime. And, as one might expect, the three children from both families grew up almost together, as if they were one big family.

From then until now, as the teenagers are in their first year of high school, they have been inseparable, although their personalities have defined over time, especially distinguishing the twins from each other. Rumi, the ‘older sister’, appears childish on the outside but is, at heart, a delicate maiden. Naori, the ‘younger sister’, is outwardly beautiful but a complete nerd/otaku on the inside, passionately interested in subcultures; in other words, she is a minefield in herself.

Jun is not unaware that both sisters are secretly in love with him, but as they have never been more than friends, they continue to act normally, though he wouldn’t like to feel “trapped” between two beautiful girls with such opposite personalities, especially having grown up together since they were six.

Would you like to go out with me?“… “How about a trial relationship?”… Rumi‘s unexpected comments disrupt the peace among the teenagers, directly involving Naori as well, and creating a strange and peculiar love triangle for which, obviously, none of the three are prepared!

Undoubtedly a pleasant and charming romantic comedy, full of crazy situations and totally unexpected for the three teenagers, who often lose common sense, just as we all did when we fell in love for the first time… right?

Come on, tell us in the comments what’s the craziest thing you’ve done for love! Obviously now more than ever, we’ll be reading! 😀

Images Source: KADOKAWAanime Official YouTube Channel, YouTube, Crunchyroll News Official Page