A Raven for All Seasons Comes to Anime in 2024

October 27, 2023

The acclaimed and best-selling series by Chisato Abe will make its anime adaptation debut in April 2024.

The NHK Official Website for its anime works announced on October 24 that the television adaptation of Chisato Abe’s fantasy novel “Karasu wa Aruji wo Erabanai” will be premiered very soon, in April of the next year.

The book is the second volume in the Yatagarasu series by the mentioned author, which was released in July 2013. The corresponding manga for its first volume, “Karasu ni Hitoe wa Niawanai,” with illustrations by Natsumi Matsuzaki, can be found in English on Kodansha’s K MANGA service under the title “A Raven for All Seasons“. The entire series has already printed over 2 million copies!

Chisato Abe began publishing the Yatagarasu series in 2012. The first part consists of a total of six main novels and a derivative story from them, and the second part currently counts three novels and a spin-off.

The first two novels were adapted into manga and illustrated by Natsumi Matsuzaki. The first was published on Kodansha’s Comic Days app between June 2018 and April 2020 and was collected into four volumes. The manga “Karasu wa Aruji wo Erabanai” began serializing in the Evening magazine in May 2020 and moved to the Comic Days app in December 2021. This work is still ongoing, with four compiled volumes to date.

A Raven for All Seasons

The fantasy novel series Yatagarasu is named after its protagonist, a legendary three-legged crow that can be found in Japanese mythology. When reading it, we are transported to an alternate world called Yamauchi, which is ruled by a tribe of Yatagarasu that can take on human form. There, Yukiya, a Yatagarasu boy, is chosen to serve alongside the eccentric and attractive young Prince Nazukihiko, forging a strange master-servant bond while encountering various intrigue-laden incidents.

Yukiya is the mediocre second son of the regional chief in the territory of the Northern House, who has been overshadowed by his younger brother academically and is also not skilled in sword fighting. Due to all of this, it is surprising for everyone when he is called to accompany the Imperial Prince. From that moment on, they will face conspiracies, murders, and even a mysterious drug, as well as the imminent invasion of an unexpected enemy.

So, are you an avid manga reader? Are you familiar with Chisato Abe‘s work? Tell us in the comments if you think Yukiya will be able to save the world of Yatagarasu.

Images Source: Crunchyroll News, NHK Official Site