“A Nobody’s Way Up to an Exploration Hero” Trailer

January 27, 2024

As many of these articles begin, we tell you that on the official site for the anime adaptation of the light novels “A Nobody’s Way Up to an Exploration Hero” (“Mob kara Hajimaru Tansaku Eiyuutan”), written by Kaito, the first promotional video for the project has been revealed. In the same press release, the production team was announced, as well as the voice cast, and it was made known that its premiere is scheduled for some time in 2024 in Japan.

Source: HJ Bunko HJ Novels Official YouTube Channel

As far as we know, Kaito began publishing his story “A Nobody’s Way Up to an Exploration Hero” through the independent service Shousetsuka ni Narou in 2019, and then in July 2021, the publisher Hobby Japan began to publish the printed work with illustrations by Almic. In addition, Terio Teri has been publishing a manga adaptation since August 2021, through the Dokodemo Young Champion.

The voices of its main protagonists are:

Yuuya Hozumi as Kaito Takagi.

Kana Hanazawa as Sylphy.

Production Team

  • Tomoki Kobayashi (Steins;Gate, Akame ga Kill!, Bokutachi no Remake) is in charge of directing the anime at Gekkou studios.
  • Kazuyuki Fudeyasu (Black Clover, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, BLEACH, MONSTER) is in charge of writing and supervising the scripts.
  • Shouko Yasuda (Happy Sugar Life, Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon, Boku no Kanojo ga Majime Sugiru Shoujo Bitch na Ken) is in charge of character design and animation direction.
  • Keiji Inai (Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka?, Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha, BTOOOM!, BURN THE WITCH) is in charge of composing the soundtrack.


The plot centers on Kaito Takagi, a young man who leads an ordinary and somewhat monotonous life as an explorer in a world where mysterious dungeons have suddenly appeared throughout Japan. Although he seems like a common student, Kaito dedicates himself to hunting slimes in these dungeons, an activity that allows him to earn a little extra money and which, in turn, seems to be the only exciting thing in his life. Secretly, Kaito harbors feelings for his childhood friend, who is admired and respected at his school, adding a touch of melancholy to his routine. One day, while carrying out his usual slime hunt, Kaito encounters a golden slime, a unique creature of its kind, something never seen before. This unexpected encounter not only surprises him but also challenges him, pushing him to use all his skills and knowledge as an explorer. With effort and cunning, Kaito manages to defeat this unique slime, which, to his surprise, drops a very rare item: a servant card.

This servant card is a mystical relic with the ability to summon beings of legend and mythology. Intrigued and excited about the possibility of what he might be able to summon, Kaito decides to use it. Upon activating the card, he summons a warrior of unparalleled beauty and power. This warrior is not only a formidable ally in battle but also becomes a central figure in Kaito‘s life, leading him to situations and adventures he had never imagined. With the appearance of this warrior, Kaito‘s life is radically transformed. Once a simple slime hunter, he finds himself involved in a series of events and challenges that lead him to explore the depths of the most dangerous and unknown dungeons. Throughout his journey, he faces not only unparalleled monsters and deadly traps but also intrigues and mysteries surrounding the origin of the dungeons and the true nature of his new companion.

A Nobody’s Way Up to an Exploration Hero” is a story of growth and discovery, where an ordinary young man is thrown into extraordinary circumstances, through which he is forced to grow and discover his true potential. Through his adventures, Kaito not only challenges his physical and mental limits but also explores the complexities of friendship, love, and identity.

I think we’ve all had a moment in life that forced us to mature, or to develop our true potential. Come on, be nice and tell us in the comments if you have had experiences like this, or if not, just tell us what you think of the plot of “A Nobody’s Way Up to an Exploration Hero.” You know, we will be reading! 🙂

Images Source: HJ Bunko HJ Novels Official YouTube Channel, YouTube