7th Time Loop Anime Premieres January 7th!

December 2, 2023

7th Time Loop: The Villainess Enjoys a Carefree Life Married to Her Worst Enemy!“, commonly referred to as “7th Time Loop“, is a series of Japanese light novels written by Touko Amekawa. The story, which originated on the Shōsetsuka ni Narō website in February 2020, was later published in print with illustrations by Wan Hachipisu by Overlap starting in October 2020. As of August 2023, five volumes of this intriguing series have been released.

Past Lives and Moral Choices

The plot revolves around Rishe Weitzner, whose engagement to the crown prince is nullified for the seventh time, trapping her in a time loop. In each repetition, despite changing jobs and location, her life always tragically ends at 20, five years after the annulment. In her seventh cycle, she catches the attention of Prince Arnold of the Kingdom of Hyne, known for his actions leading to world wars, pestilences, and resource depletion in previous cycles. Rishe agrees to marry Arnold under the condition of having no royal duties, preferring a peaceful life. However, she soon begins using her skills from past lives to help the people of the Kingdom of Hyne, realizing Arnold is not the same cold person from her sixth cycle.

Rishe, who was used as a political pawn by her parents and disowned after the engagement’s annulment, found self-confidence through various jobs in previous cycles, including merchant, herbalist, maid, and knight. Tired of futile efforts to live well due to the actions of the Kingdom of Hyne, she decides to take Arnold‘s proposal for a relaxed life. Arnold Hein, the Prince of Hyne, shows a kinder and more solemn version of himself in this cycle compared to the previous one, where he was responsible for Rishe‘s death. Other characters include Theodor August Hein, Arnold‘s younger brother, who sees him as a monster for his cruelty and tries to help Rishe escape, and Oliver Laurents Friedheim, another relevant character.

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The series was also adapted into a manga, illustrated by Hinoki Kino, starting its serialization on the Comic Gardo website in December 2020. As of August 2023, the individual manga chapters have been collected into five volumes. Seven Seas Entertainment announced in December 2021 that it had licensed the manga for English publication.

The announcement of the anime adaptation has generated great excitement. Scheduled to premiere in January 2024, the anime TV series will be produced by Studio Kai and Hornets, directed by Kazuya Iwata, with scripts by Tōko Machida, character design by Kenichi Ōnuki, and music by Satoshi Hōno and Ryūnosuke Kasai. Shun’ichi Toki will perform the opening theme “Another Birthday“, while The Binary will perform the ending theme “Kienai“. Crunchyroll and Muse Communication have acquired distribution rights outside Asia.

This upcoming anime represents an exciting new chapter in the “7th Time Loop” saga, bringing this captivating story from light novels and manga to an even wider audience through its animated adaptation.

Tell me, what would you do if you had to relive the first 20 years of your life over and over again?… Personally, I imagine lots of parties and fun, but putting that aside, if you retained the knowledge of your past lives and based on your morality, could really make a difference, whether for yourself, or for the people around you, or even for the world… Would you make the same decisions? Or would you opt to try different things?

Come on, please, respond in the comments, I’ll be reading! 🙂

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